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Affordable payday loans on an instant approval

Do you need immediate approval while borrowing funds? Do you need help with the options available? There is no need to overthink since payday loans are there to help you out from the crunch situation. These loans are among the most preferred small funding options whenever you have trouble managing minor financial issues or urgent expenses.

Payday loans are short-term loans available within a few minutes of applying. Borrowers get a small lump sum amount and repay on their next payday. They do not need to assign a guarantor or pledge an asset to get the approval, as these are unsecured loans. One can apply for payday loans online with no documentation to follow.

Hard assessments on credit profiles are not mandatory anymore. You can get payday loans on instant decision straightaway from Everydayfunding. Access much-needed cash even when your salary day is not too close.

The exclusion of hard credit verification makes it crucial for us to validate your affordability. Therefore, a soft search will happen instead of hard checks before we offer payday loans in the UK. However, you should not worry about sustaining any damage to your credit scores.

When you contact us for assistance, we will let the real magic happen then. It is nothing but our loan proposal that has everything for you.

  • An opportunity to borrow up to £5000
  • Freedom to choose a term from 1 to 6 months
  • Access to practical fee format for affordable borrowing
  • Relaxation from obligations

Representative Example

Borrowing £3,000 over 18 months at Representative 49.9% APR and Interest rate 49.9% p.a. (fixed) with monthly repayments of £240.04 and a total amount payable of £4320.72 All our loans terms from 6 to 36 months.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to

How to use online payday loans unlike traditional ones?

A payday loan is indeed a blessing in disguise. Surely, bad creditors, in the true sense, can put these loans to good use. The best thing is that Everydayfunding will not prevent you from utilising loans as needed.

Validate if your purpose is genuine, as you will opt for soft or no credit check finance. Make the best use of this arrangement, such as:

Disburse bills: Pending school or college fees, credit card dues, house rent etc., can give you sleepless nights. Settle these unpaid issues with the help of these loans. Doing this will also help you in remaining debt-free.

Prepare for the festive season: We offer soft or no credit check loans for Christmas. You can have these loans to complete all the remaining festive season preparations. We do not put any restrictions, as you can use the funds for any festive expenses.

Cover medical emergencies: A sudden medical expense can make you restless. Stay calm and manage the requirement by getting the perfect amount of loan. With no obligations to follow, you get instant funding and the best treatment.

Apparently, both traditional and modern payday loans feature some similar characteristics. Wait! A traditional does not resemble ‘new payday loans’ in many aspects. The only common factor is affordability evaluation which concerns both these loans.

Online payday loans Traditional payday loans
No credit check to obtain a fast loan These loans might require hard checks
Borrow money by paying nominal rates You will have to meet high charges for these loans
These loans let go of any credit scores The lenders are selective about credit scores
Arrange no guarantor for this loan in the UK They might require a guarantor if your credit scores are the worst
Free to repay conveniently over months Bound to pay back after receiving the next month’s salary

It is clear why getting payday loans with no hard credit check compulsion is relieving. You can take combined advantage of different attributes that a single loan might not be able to offer. These loans can be the best mean to draw out money ahead of payday as it accepts all credit scores.

For whom a payday loan suits the most?

You know that payday loans from a direct lender need no credit check. Does this loan provision still accessible for every type of borrower? We allow extensive flexibility in our lending. In addition, we ensure our services can solve the financial problems of different types of borrowers.

  • Unemployed people on benefits

    You can obtain an unemployed loan for people on benefit from us easily. We do not consider your unemployed status as a reason to ignore your loan request. Nevertheless, you should be able to convince us of your other sources of income like rental income, settlement payments, part-time income, investment earnings and pension.

  • Students pursuing academics

    When doing undergraduate or postgraduate study, you need to have a complete financial backup and steadiness. A lack of funds can disturb your concentration on your study. Therefore, you should keep an eye on payday loans to get immediate funding. You can also have specialised direct lender loans for students available on same online platform.

  • Business aspirants

    These small loans may not suit the long-term expenses of your business aspirations. For that, we have dedicated unsecured business loans. Still, you can utilise them smartly by applying only when you have a funding gap. For example, you can use funds to get the licence for your company, pay initial rent, set up equipment or hire a marketing expert.

  • Young aspiring people

    Our loans for young people are ideal in many ways. First, they can get funds to expand their skills by finding enrolment in any extra-curricular activities. They can also use funds for their education expenses, especially those under 19. These small funding sources are also perfect for those above 21 as they can plan for their start-ups.

We are all set to extend our support to whoever falls into the above category. Interestingly, it has pretty much covered a wide variety of borrowers.

Why consider having payday loans with no hard credit check?

Do you need further advantages besides soft or no credit check from direct lenders in the UK? We cannot assure you about what other lenders are doing. However, we can show you what extra you can avail of from our loan offerings. We want to portray them here as follows:

  • Credit history facing no impact

    We consider it as one of the prime advantages. It is because we, as a UK direct lender, demand no credit check. We will manage with affordability checks that leave no impression on your credit ranking. It means our processes will not cause any harm to your credit status. However, this soft check is vital as it gives us a clear picture of your present financial circumstances.

  • Collateral-free borrowing

    Getting an unsecured business loan from a direct lender indicates no involvement of assets. Our way of approach would be beneficial for any business owner who needs loans to run a business without putting assets at risk. They can bid adieu to the collateral obligations and proceed to seek help from us. It is also a good opportunity for a person who does not like the fear of losing assets due to loans.

  • No extra burden of upfront charges

    We share details about our fee structure with our borrowers. It helps them understand how we charge and what we charge. Rest assured, to face no further fees as surprise charges from us. Most importantly, no broker will take part in our process. This gives relief from the additional brokerage charges.

  • Ample chance for credit upgradation

    Keeping our repayment structure feasible is to let you pay back comfortably. The duration remains distributed so that repayment will not be a burden for you. Maintaining the monthly budget will not be challenging while keeping up with repayment. This provision facilitates effortless repayment. It will finally result in an improvement in credit ranking.

  • Swift receipt of loan money

    We do not hurry to complete the process to prove our point to the borrowers. Rather, we have set the entire process to let us finish every step instantly. The inclusion of the least conditions helps us examine your application speedily. Besides, we need no documentation from your end. All these adjustments have allowed us to treat your problem at the earliest.

payday loans with no hard credit check

How to get guaranteed and instant decision on a payday loan?

Do you want to know how to ensure guaranteed payment loan approval? You need to practise a few measures. Nevertheless, we cannot assure 100% approval, at least when you are going through the online procedure.

You can get a breakthrough by taking care of the following aspects:

Present financial stature: Make sure you are punctual in settling current financial transactions. It will strengthen your chances of getting payday loans on guaranteed acceptance.

Seriousness about credit improvement: We believe your credit scores have suffered due to circumstances. However, you must show sincere attempts towards credit building.

Preference for affordable amount: While applying for cash loans with no credit checks, you must ask for an affordable amount. It should coincide with your financial ability and requirements at the same time.

What to do to get a payday loan on an instant decision?

We are working hard on making our application procedure efficient. As this loan needs no credit check, it has allowed us to save time. You can finish applying for loans in a fuss-free way.

Seeking instant decision on payday loans No credit check loans from direct lenders need to accomplish the below steps.


You can open the application form available on our website. A single click is required for this.


Present all the information that the form has enquired for. Do not worry. We will ask for little information.


Reviewing your details in the form will ensure that your form does not showcase any mistakes.


Once you have checked the form, go ahead to submit it. You may get approval and funds on same day.

Why ask Everydayfunding for a payday loan?

Payday loans may be seen as suspicious due to their high-interest rates. There is the fact that these loans belong to higher rates, and you have to accept them. The main thing is finding the most competitive rates on these loans. It is where we stand firm and ready to offer loans on the most AFFORDABLE RATES in the market.

There is one reason to choose us, but many reasons will attract you. Another one is our FLEXIBILITY. Our lending norms are not the same for everyone, as the nature of financial emergencies or needs may differ among individuals. For instance, weekly payments may suit one but not others. They may prefer our monthly repayments. Therefore, we give freedom to each borrower to choose their preferred and management repayment term.

We have shown you how to obtain a guaranteed loan from a direct lender. Our biggest concern is to help as many borrowers as possible to offer the best services to you. To give you a wholesome borrowing experience, we have included the following features:

  • Payday loans with no fee
  • Reliable interface to borrow
  • Compressed turnaround time
  • Data safety for all borrowers
  • Throughout customer assistance

Now, give a perfect answer to your financial urgency. Opt for our payday loans, and for further queries, our representatives guide you without asking for any fees.


What do you mean by credit checks?

Credit checks mean analysis of your credit history as recorded by credit reference agencies. It explains the way you have handled credit in the past. The lender gets an idea if it is risky to offer you a loan. Some lenders perform hard checks, while some prefer soft checks.

Do all payday loan lenders perform credit checks?

The loan providers must run a credit check on each loan application. If a lender is advertising that there will be no credit check, you should beware of it. They may charge a high-interest rate. Therefore, you should look for a lender who conducts soft credit checks that will not leave any search footprint on your credit profile. It is also good for fetching affordable loan deals only.

Who can apply with direct lenders who need loans?

Anyone who is 18 years or older and has a bank account, steady income, and residency proof can qualify to get payday loans on instant decision. The loan applicant must fulfil the given criteria; otherwise, rejection will occur.

Can I get a 1000-pound loan from a direct lender?

Yes, you can start with a small amount, like 1000 pounds. However, you must ensure that the amount will suffice your necessities. Besides, you must consider the repayment aspect.

Can you get a payday loan with instant approval despite bad credit?

Yes, your poor credit score does not impact your application for a payday loan. Since the loan amount is very small and you can repay from your monthly income, lenders have no objection to allowing you a loan with a poor credit score. The main thing is that you should be earning some income. However, there will be a high-interest rate.

My credit history is very poor - Will I get loan approval?

Yes, you may get the loan approval despite your credit history not backing up with a good record. However, you need to approach direct lenders than mainstream lenders. They are more flexible in their lending approach and approve on the following basis:

  • Your recent financial performance
  • Numbers of debts are against you
  • Recent monthly income and its capacity to make proper repayments
  • Available of a guarantor (not mandatory)
How do I know if I am approved for loans?

We will send notifications informing you about the status of your application. You will get a message from us once we approve your request. We will again notify you about the loan transfer to your active bank account.

How to repay a payday loan with a guaranteed acceptance facility?

You can expect repayment suitability by applying for no credit check payday loans from direct lenders only. We will adjust the loan payment pattern to match your convenience and capacity. We do not make it compulsory to repay the entire amount in one go.

Follow the pay weekly loans or you can even switch to monthly payments if that suits your capability. In short, you must complete repayment within the specified duration by pursuing whatever pattern.

Why is it not advised to borrow funds from a payday lender?

The high-interest rate is the primary reason you should not borrow funds from a payday lender. Yes, they charge very high rates since there is no provision of collateral and guarantor. Loans are available for individuals with any credit score and employment status. Thus, lending to those with bad credit or unemployment is considered a huge risk for the lender.

Consequently, these lenders put interest rates on the higher side. Instead of approaching them, you should look for a specialist online lender who can guarantee competitive interest rates on payday loans.

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