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No guarantor loans with utmost feasibility

Are you in a dilemma about applying for loans due to the guarantor factor? Ignoring the importance of having a guarantor is not possible while applying for any loan. Of course, benefits like higher amounts to borrow and lower interest rates will be there for you.

Still, there is another reality. Not everyone has access to a person who can take their guarantee. What do to now? Everydayfunding can provide you with the key to solving this problem. It is nothing but a no-guarantor loan. Therefore, the major obstacle is now out of your way.

There is no hassle of getting a guarantor while borrowing from us. The process will be effortless once we adjust this factor while providing tailor-made loan proposals. These will be the specialised loan products where instant approval or same-day funding is almost assured.

Our working procedures are different from mainstream loan providers. We define your borrowing potential according to income, repayment likelihood, and current circumstances. Our offer for no guarantor loans is a representation of the following:

  • Amount between £1000 and £10000
  • Repay within 12 months to 60 months
  • Our loan rates are quite competitive

Representative Example

Borrowing £3,000 over 18 months at Representative 49.9% APR and Interest rate 49.9% p.a. (fixed) with monthly repayments of £240.04 and a total amount payable of £4320.72 All our loans terms from 6 to 36 months.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to

What does getting a no guarantor loan mean?

Loans with no guarantor in the UK symbolise short-term financing. It does not need the support of a guarantor, which means you need not have to trust anyone else. Instead, we believe in your financial ability. The nature of these loans will be short-term, and you should utilise them during the extreme funding need. The best time to go for these loans is during financial emergencies or when your savings are exhausted to manage the planned costs.

We take care of everyone’s finances, and therefore, our bad credit loans with no guarantor consist of easy-to-crack qualifying conditions and flexible instead of strict terms. It is why you have already got relaxation from past credit issues, bad credit scores, and the guarantor factor.

Such flexibility facilitates people from different walks of life to qualify. However, many of them visit us with the desire to have loans with no credit check or guarantor. We responsibly say that credit check is mandatory, but it will be a softer assessment at Everydayfunding. Convincing us is easy if you can testify to the source through which you are earning. It directly concerns your affordability and if you are good in that, loans are there to utilise.

You can qualify for our loans if you are a:

  • Student
  • Self-employed
  • Unemployed
  • Retired
  • Working professional
  • Bad creditor

What makes a loan with no guarantor unlike payday loans?

The basis of our decision will be your performance regarding current transactions. We will not ask you to bring someone else to guarantee loan repayment. We want to trust your financial constancy in recent times, and based on it, we are open to offering loans with no interference from any third person.

In some scenarios, these loans with no guarantor can even be a superior choice for you than payday loans. Many individuals will say that these are the synonym for traditional payday loans, but our features differ both from each other. No guarantor loans are a better choice than salary-day loans. To clarify, here is the difference between these two funding products.

Loans without guarantor Payday loans
Get these loans without facing any hard checks, and a large amount can be borrowed. Payday loans with no credit check are also possible, but the amount will be too small.
Obtain no guarantor loans on an instant decision. Instant loan approval will be there, but there will be straightway rejection if your application has some errors.
We personalise loans at reasonable rates. Rates are high due to risk factors.
These loans let you borrow amounts for both financial emergencies and planned expenses. Payday loans with no guarantor are ideal for extreme emergencies only.

How to explore the advantages of loans with no guarantor?

What should drive you to get loans in the UK with no guarantor? Undoubtedly, it should be benefits that can maximise this borrowing opportunity for you. These loans help you overcome one of the pitfalls of traditional loans, i.e., a guarantor.

No need to feel uncomfortable while seeking support from us. You are free from this compulsion. Moreover, you can avail of other features like:

  • Credit scores are insignificant

    Your credit scores are not crucial to us. Rather, your affordability can portray your financial character to us. For this reason, validating it is vital for us. If your repaying potential is convincing, you can apply for loans for young people without hesitation. Our lending practices never restrict us from offering loans to someone with stable financial conditions.

  • Obligations are almost zero

    You already know about our ‘no guarantor’ feature. Are you aware of our collateral-free lending policy? You can access unsecured loans with no guarantor without pledging any security. This attribute mainly intends to help non-homeowners overcome their hesitation. Now, they can contemplate applying for loans despite lacking assets.

  • Relief from surplus charges

    We work independently without any interference from a broker. Our charges comprise elements like interest fees and APR. No additional charges are part of our fee structure. Besides, you need not have to pay extra brokerage fees here. We will try to clarify the overall cost before you sign the agreement.

  • Money transfer in a flash

    Everydayfunding acknowledges the fact that people borrow during an emergency. Therefore, it will not serve the purpose if they do not get money in a flash. We look forward to providing the necessary support to help you accomplish the purpose. We have cut short the layover period. It helps in processing your request in no time. Finally, you can get your hands on quick loans with no guarantor.

  • Any income is acceptable

    You might be working hard on your project but need additional cash support. Feel free to approach us for start-up loans for business. Show us your income from the venture so we can lend you an affordable amount. In short, having an income is vital for us. We will be able to help, provided you establish a stable means of income.

I have bad credit. Where can I use no guarantor loans?

The best use of a loan with no guarantor is for those with poor credit issues. Yes, they have lost their credibility, and everyone will hesitate to take their loan guarantee. During that scenario, availing of these loans will give a sigh of relief to them.

Our no-guarantor loans are specialised for those with less-than-perfect credit scores. Moreover, we have personalised our loans for bad credit with no guarantor in the UK, making it comfortable for them to fetch the necessary funds at crucial times. We will not restrict you from using these loans, as I know your purpose will be genuine.

Get financial coverage for any emergency or unexpected cause. These loans can cater to diverse necessities, provided you use them perfectly. Face no obligation to take care of different situations like:

  • Tackling financial emergencies

    With getting quick loans with this no guarantor option, you can easily meet hospital bills, unexpected cash issues, manage payment of rent and utility bills, and many more. As the lender, we do not need to verify the guarantor’s details, as there is no involvement of the third person.

  • Enhancement in credit scores

    Since you have a poor credit score, you can better utilise loans without the guarantor’s compulsions. You pay all the loan instalments till the loan term ends. If you can do so, it will directly contribute to your credit score improvement.

  • Financial help during unemployment

    There is another stage where people with poor credit and no guarantor backup struggle a lot. It is unemployment. With no stable income, managing planned and unplanned expenses will be difficult. We have also shown our responsibility as a direct lender by providing loans for unemployed in the UK.

How do fast loans with no guarantor work?

Do you anticipate receiving no guarantor loans for bad credit quickly? We will materialise it for you. Our streamlined lending process enables you to accomplish all the essential steps quickly, and we can process your application instantly.


Extract the application for fast loans with no guarantor online. No need to go out anywhere.


Provide the necessary details in the application. The form will have a few mandatory fields to fill in.


Do not forget to re-check the details you have entered! It will help you correct any mistakes.


Once you complete cross-checking, proceed to submit. This step ensures that we receive your loan request.

Now, you have desired funds in your bank account. Indeed, you will start utilising them, but from now on, you need to maintain consistency in repaying the loan amount. Validate if you can pay for no guarantor loans for bad credit effortlessly. It will help you understand if the repayment pattern we offer will be suitable for you. We can stretch the duration at your convenience. However, you should be able to stick to it.

Whether there are bad credit loans or no guarantor loans from a direct lender, they do not ask for payment at one go. You can either portion out the amount to fit in the longer duration. Just be careful about the interest rate that will accompany this repayment format. You can repay loans in the weekly, fortnightly, and monthly instalments.

Why get loans without a guarantor from Everydayfunding?

You will drop by here if you search for loans without a guarantor in the UK. What should compel you to avail of our services? We believe they are the ways we will take up to fulfil your expectations. We have set plenty of objectives in front of us and responsibly implement them while providing loans. These loans are just one example, but each loan deal reflects our flexible nature as the direct lender.

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Let us unveil them right here:

Reliability: We know our responsibility as a lender. We maintain a transparent way of dealing with borrowers as it enhances the trust factor.

24X7 support promise: Our services will be available for you round-the-clock. You can even get up at midnight and browse through our website.

Data safety: Borrowers share their personal information here, and we keep them safe by not sharing it with any third party.

Free loan quotation: We let you request a loan proposal. The best part is that we do not charge anything for it.


Can I get a loan with no guarantor even if I have bad credit?

Getting no guarantor loans with bad credit is well a possibility. You must contact a responsible direct lender who can approve your loan application based on your recent financial performance rather than past credit. If you are good in your recent financial handling, lenders will approve your loan application with no guarantor and bad credit.

What loans can I get without a guarantor?

A few small loans can be applied with no compulsion of a guarantor. However, before knowing them, you should be aware of the fact that interest rates will remain on the higher side. These include:

Why do people want to apply for these loans?

A bad credit score is the primary reason to choose loans without a guarantor. Yes, most people with poor credit scores struggle to find someone who can be their guarantor. It is because the condition of a guarantor is quite strict. Another possible reason is a financial emergency. It is where you need to get funds quickly, and it is possible if you do not have to spend time finding a guarantor. Instead, you can straightway apply for the loans.

Can I be eligible for a quick loan?

Yes, you can get quick loans despite no guarantor is there to back you. These will be short-term loans, and the lenders have no hesitation in providing you with small funds. One more reason is the online application. You can complete the application within 5 minutes; thus, bringing funds to your bank account won't take too long.

How do I increase the loan amount limit?

Everyone knows that no guarantor loan is a short-term personal loan, and only a small amount is allowed for a limited duration. Sometimes, you may need more funds, but still, no guarantor is there to assure the lender. What to do in this scenario? You have the following ways:

  • You can pledge an asset as the loan collateral;
  • You can apply for a joint loan application with a co-signer;
  • If you have a good credit history, it is enough to win the confidence of your lender
How long does it take to approve my loan application?

If you have applied for loans from a direct lender, you get the loan approval and fund disbursal on the same day of the application submitted. It is possible because you have posted an online application. Lenders quickly receive your application, and they can work straightway on it. Sometimes, it may get delayed due to an error in your application or a bank holiday.

Is it possible to get the loans without a job?

Yes, you can borrow money from us provided you earn via some other ways. You can show your repayment capacity with part-time income, rental income, or any other source of income. You can get approval on unemployment benefits. We cannot take your loan request ahead if any income source is non-existent. Make sure you meet our criteria to get loan assistance from us.

What could happen if I default on these loans?

Non-payment or missed payment will not go down well with us. We will have to impose penalties and late charges if we do not receive the loan payments on time. Besides, it will have an unpleasant effect on your credit profile. However, we are not too strict about it because we give you a payment holiday of 18 days so you can have more time to arrange money for monthly instalments.

Will my credit history suffer due to these loans?

Your credit scores will remain intact when you apply with us, receive a decision and get access to loans. The situation might become worse if you skip loan payments. Your credit ranking will go down and will negatively impact your borrowing potential. Therefore, it is vital to repay the loan on time. At the same time, scheduled repayment allows you to improve your credit score and open up more borrowing opportunities.

How debt to income ratio relates to these loans?

It represents the ratio of how much you are earning and owing. If the ratio is lower in your case, your financial profile is favourable for lenders. It makes sure that your income is more than your debts. As a dependable direct lender, we always suggest you remain debt-free while applying for any loan. It puts a good impression on the loan providers, and you get the necessary funding.

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