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Never take a step back when you see a money shortage when starting a business or boosting the growth of an existing one. You can continue with your plans, as we are here to support you with easy access to business loans in the UK. These loans come online with minimum documentation. The best thing is that you get business funding with few formalities. Our loan deals apply to small, medium and large businesses. However, the amount varies according to individual needs, capacity and affordability.

Our exclusive offer is open for businesses going through any financial troubles. These loans let you plug the funding gap evolving in the business. As responsible direct lenders, our objective of being flexible while lending allows us to deliver secured and unsecured business loans.

A few hidden facts about our lending services are:

  • Instant business loan for whatever need
  • A sole trader or a start-up or limited company can apply
  • Borrowing limit extends up to £300000
  • Facilitate easy repayment within 10 years

We are not restricted to specific businesses. Rather, we look forward to helping businesses from ecommerce, logistics, manufacturing, construction etc.

Customised business loans

Representative Example

Borrowing £10,000 over 24 months at Representative 49.9% APR and Interest rate 49.9% p.a. (fixed) with monthly repayments of £666.54 and a total amount payable of £15997.04 All our loans terms from 6 to 36 months.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to

Who can be eligible for small business loans?

We know that different types of businesses encounter diverse financial challenges. We do not mind if your enterprise is not a well-established one. Our small business loans with bad credit will cover the financial demands of a small or medium-sized business.

Any venture looking forward to applying with Everydayfunding should confirm the following things:

  • Be a registered company: Your company should have the registration in the UK, which will strengthen your loan application. Lenders always prefer registered businesses to grant sufficient funding.
  • Have relevant financial documents :Although we do not ask for hefty paperwork, it will still be better if you have relevant documents especially related to monthly or annual earnings.
  • Hold a valid bank account: It is vital to have a valid and active bank account. We do not mind if you share your personal bank account as we needed just to transfer the loan amount online.
  • Doing business actively for a specified duration: We provide funding to new businesses, but it would be better if you spent some months doing business in the UK.

The best part is that we also issue business loans for students in the UK, provided you meet the criteria. We are quite flexible when offering financial assistance to ventures. All we need is concrete information stating the financial condition of the business.

We do not hold strict terms that directly control the financial requirements of the business. For this reason, we provide short-term business loans to help you suffice the unavoidable small needs.

Where to utilise unsecured business loans?

Any business would need steady support of finances to survive and run smoothly. The financial requirements would vary depending on the various stages your business would go through. Unsecured loans for bad credit aim to fulfil diverse necessities occurring in a business.

Business expansion

You need to expand your business lately. Manage the funds to support the business expansion without hitches.

Equipment purchase

Upgrading equipment from time to time is a usual phenomenon in business. Continue purchasing them with unsecured personal loans with bad credit.

Acquiring a new business

You have an established business. Now, you can acquire a new business by drawing money from us.

Paying wages of the employee

You might struggle to pay the salary of your employees. Apply for loans with us to arrange money for salaries.

Whatever your loan purpose is, we will fund you according to your affordability. We follow this policy in every of our loan products whether they are payday loans for bad credit or any long-term loans.

What benefits can one get with start-up business loans?

The primary motivation behind getting start-up business loans in the UK is always any cash emergency. However, you would need other factors to help you accomplish the purpose of getting loans. We present them as advantages of our services.

  • Approach us with whatever credit scores

    Rest assured and we will not ask you about your credit history. You can obtain start-up loans for bad credit problems, also. We are accessible to all businesses regardless of their credit stature.

    Nevertheless, we do make it a point to ascertain the business's present financial circumstances. We will not be able to process any application ahead of making this validation. Credit scores will not create problems if the business proves its financial stability.

  • Practical rates add up to the loan

    We offer business start-up loans at competitive rates in the UK. A quick comparison of our rates with our competitors will clear all your confusion. Our rates will coincide with the financial condition of the business.

    Moreover, we do not create any provision for surplus charges. No broker will participate in our lending process. For this reason, there is no need to take stress about upfront fees.

  • Collateral is not part of the process

    You can keep away business assets while borrowing from us. Our loans are accessible in a collateral-free way. Therefore, the collateral factor will not cause any problems if you want to seek our assistance.

    If your business has limited assets, getting an unsecured funding option is the best. It facilitates easy borrowing with no involvement of collateral.

  • Gradual progress in credit scores

    Recurrent financial hiccups can take a toll on the credit health of your business. In this scenario, you might not want to risk your venture by borrowing. It is because lenders will usually charge hefty fees for bad credit.

    However, you can overcome this setback by applying with us. Our nominal charges will be manageable for you. On-time repayment will be achievable for the upgradation of credit scores.

  • Keep cash flow intact

    An insignificant cash shortage can introduce a long-term problem in your business. It will happen if you stay indifferent and do not treat it on time. Take advantage of our loans to maintain the business’s cash flow. Do not let any small problem hamper the financial harmony of the business.

Is it possible to get options with instant business loans?

With us, you can choose any option from our collection of instant business loans. It would be more convenient than selecting an all-purpose loan with a traditional lender. Thus, validate your necessities and go through the options now available with us.

You can decide on any of these alternatives, but remember they have their specifications. You have different eligibility criteria to fulfil, or the amount may differ also.


Unsecured loans

Most small businesses or new ones struggle to put an asset against the borrowing amount. For them, we have specialised our loans where no collateral is needed.

Our unsecured loans for businesses are ideal for fetching quick funds with no risk. You will not lose your asset if you default.


No guarantor loans

A guarantor is beneficial in getting easy loan approval, but not every business owner can access a guarantor. Do not feel disappointed because we are flexible too in this arrangement.

We can offer business loans with no guarantor if they have stable returns and a good credit score. You can also put assets if no guarantor is there.


Unemployed loans

You may feel surprised to know that our loans for unemployed are also available for those aspiring for their own businesses. We do not ask for too many things.

These are ideal for those individuals who have voluntarily left their job to have their own start-ups. One can also get loans on benefits.


Short-term loans

Businesses, irrespective of their stages, face financial emergencies too often. They cannot wait for days or weeks to have a loan, which would only be for a small amount.

In such scenarios, those companies can opt for our short-term loans for businesses available online with competitive interest rates.

How are business loans possible with bad credit?

These loans represent a funding option that extends financial support to businesses struggling because of poor credit tags. Unlike traditional lenders, we do not see any risk in lending you business loans for bad credit. We base our decision on the repayment possibility.

We do not let your blemished credit history play a negative catalyst here. Our lending structure focuses on validating the chances of getting loans back. A positive outcome will take you a step closer to start-up loans for bad credit. It confirms that we will also attend to the financial concerns of budding ventures.

Getting unsecured loans for bad credit in the UK is safe as you can control all the risk factors. However, you must acquaint yourself with them first. Just take care of the following concerns to make the most out of our loan offerings.

  • Refrain from borrowing if you have multiple debts
  • Longer duration might result in higher costs
  • Delays in repaying bad credit business loans will hurt your credit scores
  • An unaffordable amount will make repayment difficult

If you overcome those risks and carefully work on your loan application, you will have many things in your favour. Therefore, the sure takeaways from our lending offerings are that:

Something for everyone

We are ready with funds whether your business is an existing one or it is related to business loans for young people.

Easy calculations

We endow you with this opportunity to crunch the numbers on your own. Establish your necessity first to determine the perfect amount.

Loans for short and long-term

We are here to provide you with funds for both short-term and long-term. It will depend upon your actual needs and capacity.

Fast and affordable solution

We are committed to instant loan approval to fund your needs quickly. Do not worry, as our loans are always affordable.

How do I submit business loan application online?

We want to set the process short and seamless. Since we accept only online loan applications, you can get same-day funding and accomplish your business needs. However, there may be a delay only if you have done some error in your application or there is a bank holiday. Otherwise, we have a 99% record of timely delivery of same-day loans.

You will not experience lengthy procedures like hard checks. Therefore, quick access to business with no credit checks in the UK is possible when you will apply with us. Remember, no credit check means no search footprint on your credit profile. Our loans are subjected to mandatory credit checks, but it will be a soft assessment.

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Look at the formalities you have to complete.

Fetch the online form: It just needs a few clicks to reach out for the online form. Enter your details without any delay.

Cross-check the entered details: Re-checking the information you have put in can save you from unwanted errors. Rectify at once if you find any.

Submit online: Unsecured loans for bad credit allow online submission if you approach direct lenders only. It saves you time and effort.

Give us some time to respond: We know how desperately you will wait for our decision. However, spare us some time to go through the application.

Why trust Everydayfunding for business loans

With unsecured business loans for bad credit, we have included some of the major features of our services. You are aware of them. However, we would like to optimise our services further to enhance your borrowing experience.


The clarity in communications is our tool to prove our reliability. We are open to discussing and clearing any of your doubts.


We understand the value of time for you amidst an emergency. Our brief steps have made sure to shorten the process.

Complete assistance

You must feel free to stay in our contact at any time. Our loan services are accessible all the time.

Data protection

Although we need some details, we keep them safe and secure in our interface. We keep safety protocols to ensure protection.

How secured and unsecured business loans differ?

Secured funds need an asset to guarantee repayment, while unsecured loans do not need such assurance. Get to know more from the table below.

Secured business loans Unsecured business loans
You might lose the asset because of non-payment. Your assets will remain with you even in case of late repayment.
You can obtain a sizeable amount of loan. You can opt for a comparatively smaller amount.
You will have to opt for a longer duration. You cannot stretch repayment up to many years.
Will it take too long to get these loans?

No, with us, it will be a speedy process for any business owner. We will start following the necessary steps once you send us the request. Our process does not involve hefty steps. It allows us to approve and send money on the go.

What might happen if I fail to pay back on time?

We offer adjustments in loan amount so that the repayment term is feasible. Despite this, if you fail to repay loans on time, we will not be able to accept them. We will levy penalties following accrued rate of interest. Missing the repayments can hurt your credit score too. Therefore, asking for an affordable loan amount only is very much crucial.

Will you allow me to pre-pay loans?

Yes, of course, you can pay back loans in advance. Most importantly, there is nothing to take stress about pre-payment charges. If possible, pay the loan debts outright and get relief from interest payments. However, it is crucial to inform us before making the early repayment. We can modify the loan deal according to your comfort.

How can I repay unsecured loans from direct lenders for business?

The repayment pattern will vary according to the option of business loans you will choose. In most cases, you will get the flexibility to pay back over a long duration. It enables you to break unsecured personal loans into small amounts which would be easy to afford. You can choose any of the options like fortnightly, weekly or monthly repayments.

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