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Everydayfunding- About us

Everydayfunding began the journey to provide short-term loans in 2018. Since then, we have got better and quicker at providing financial help to individuals when they need it the most.

We believe every person is entitled to immediate help, whether a student or unemployed. Minor financial shortfalls do not mean you are bad with credit management and consider potential rather than straightaway rejection. Therefore, our products cater to individuals from all walks of life. Out of these loans for young people and payday loans are the most popular ones.

We provide these loans with no credit check and are budget-friendly to manage everyday activities without financial hiccups.

Who are we?

When you look for a loan, there are a million options to tap, like credit cards, overdrafts, etc. Is it the best product for you? We experimented with this. It led to the foundation of the firm. We believe that the needs and circumstances of individuals differ and hence channelise the best and improved financial instruments.

We are not traditional lenders but a solution you seek

  • We DO NOT prioritise credit score as the primary lending base. Instead, figure out the best possibilities in an application to qualify. We base approvals on individual affordability.
  • We are a complete breakthrough from a traditional process involving a long process. Instead, ensure direct, swift, and nearly paperless loan proceedings.
  • As a part of the everyday loan lending process, we do not mandate a guarantor-based approval. Our no-guarantor loans reflect the best principles of stress-free financial management.
  • We never keep you waiting in loops. Instead, provide you straightaway clarity on loan approval probability.
  • Out-of-job individuals can qualify for the most lenient terms. We do not force loan quotes and arrange an affordable one per your finances in unemployed loans. You can always re-schedule and leverage payment holidays to be on top of your finances.
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What do our services aim at?

There are ample reasons why we exist as one of the prominent direct lenders in the UK. Since 2018, we have been actively sorting out the issues that customers share. It has been an unbelievable journey since we got to know things from a customer’s perspective.

Based on this, we re-configured and revised the mission statement. And here is what we aim for through our bespoke services:

  • We educate first-time borrowers on products most suitable to their needs.
  • We do not charge any upfront loan costs and provide suggestions without charging a buck.
  • You can rely on us for no hidden and unnecessary costs as we prefer to keep it transparent.
  • We ensure and prioritise individual finances at the centre of loan disbursal. Our unsecured business loans clearly reflect it. We do not mandate personal guarantees if not required.
  • We leave no stone unturned in helping you carry the loan well. We provide apt guidance to manage it if you fall on finances.

What do we visualise?

We do not visualise selling loan products but ensuring the overall financial well-being of our customers. Here is how we do that:

  • Through our loans and consistent efforts, we hope to reach the community that most require financial assistance.
  • We aim for a holistic view of the financial instruments and their disbursal. Thus, ensure responsible and careful student loan distribution.
  • We intend to constantly optimise the offerings as per customer needs and make them absolutely affordable in multiple aspects like- loan repayments, revised interest rates, and APRs
  • We aim to acknowledge and counter the financial inhibitions that customer share. We educate customers but need to cover a broader scope.
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We ensure responsible lending. How? Let’s know!

What matters the most to our customers is affordable and responsible borrowing. We walk by that path with our streamlined services.

We begin the change by ensuring comfortable loan application approval. Here, we conduct thorough affordability checks and document scanning to calculate the best amount to loan to you. We never urge you to accept the offer if it could stress out your bottom line.

Our loan scanning and final agreement are the product of detailed research of the customer’s finances. We grant customers the freedom to choose their repayment structure. Early repayment facilities on most of our products, especially Christmas loans, help individuals re-track their finances after a long overhaul.

The overall loan costs never exceed expectations as we keep them realistic and best to the industry parameters. You can consider us as one of your go-to partners for budget-friendly loans. We walk by what we say. To know more, contact us.

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