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Borrowing £3,000 over 18 months at Representative 49.9% APR and Interest rate 49.9% p.a. (fixed) with monthly repayments of £240.04 and a total amount payable of £4320.72 All our loans terms from 6 to 36 months.

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Direct lender loans define convenient borrowing

Cash emergencies can turn into a disaster if you ignore them. Maybe your financial condition is not top-notch, but there are other ways. You can contact a direct lender for loans while keeping intermediaries away. Experience the simplest borrowing approach with Everydayfunding. We will directly deliver loans to your bank account after approval. There is no need to deal with a broker to avail of our direct lending services. A direct loan lender facilitates comfortable borrowing for someone who wants to end financial trouble.

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Every application will get our sincere attention. We look forward to giving a fair opportunity to everyone.



We adapt our services according to your needs and financial ability. Borrowing will be flexible here.


Quick support:

With us, the paperwork is almost zero. Besides, we accept and approve loans online for speedy assistance.


Matchless loan pricing:

We like to stick to competitive rates. Affording loans becomes easy for you amidst any cash crunch.

What options can you get with a direct loan from a lender?

We are here to resolve the mystery concerning different types of financial issues. However, it is not achievable if we offer a single choice to you. Therefore, as a UK direct lender, we have created diverse options keeping your versatile problems in mind.

icon-a1 Business Loans

Keeping your business immune from financial emergencies may be impossible. With unsecured business loans, you can get the opportunity to:

  • Maintain cash flow
  • Meet urgent payouts
  • Set up a new business
icon-a2 No Guarantor Loans

The guarantor factor should not stop you from getting loan assistance. Get these UK loans from a direct lender with no guarantor to:

  • Clear the school tuition fees
  • Pay off medical expenses
  • Make on-time rent payment
icon-a3_1 Christmas Loans

Facing financial obstacles during the festival is now much easier for you. Apply for our Christmas loans available for every credit score and on instant decision.

  • Manage every Christmas expense
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy-to-afford loan deals
icon-a3_1 Installment Loans

Take your time and repay your loan in up to 24-month instalments. Explore our flexible lending and avail yourself of the benefit of affordable lending.

  • Build your credit score
  • Loans based on income only
  • Bad credit accepted
icon-a3_1 Loans for People on benefits

Do you get benefits? Why not use them to get extra funding as on-benefit loans? Use the loan amount for any financial purpose.

  • Fast loan approval
  • Pay weekly or monthly
  • Fair or low credit is accepted
icon-a3_1 Loans for young people

Meet the easy qualifying criteria and apply for young people loans to borrow up to £15,000 for a maximum term of 60 months.

  • Apply with no credit history
  • First-time loans for above 17 year olds
  • Loans for personal or business uses

Are bad credit loans obtainable from a direct lender?

Yes, Everydayfunding will not disappoint you even when your credit scores are imperfect. Apply for bad credit loans with a direct lender without any hesitation. Your application will get through if your affordability is reassuring.

Our services present different types of borrowing flexibilities. This platform will let you fetch payday loans from a direct lender in the UK despite bad credit. You earn a stable salary, and that is enough for us. Poor credit is not an obstacle when you are with us. Obtain bad credit loans for the short term from direct lenders. We do not restrict our offerings to bad creditors only rather extend them to:

  • Business owners
  • Tenants
  • Disabled persons
  • Single women
  • Self-employed
  • Jobless

We try to maximise our offerings for our borrowers. It means loans with no guarantor in the UK are also accessible for bad credit borrowers. Forget about facing any discrimination due to your credit history.

Personal Loans Approved Online up to £50000

Everydayfunding offers instant and simple access to personal loans for all aspirants. We have designed our lending to match the financial requirements of the current generation. Therefore, we have kept an online loan application system and acceptance criteria. It helps you fetch funds on the go when you need them.

We have a huge variety of personal loans in our lending bucket. It means you can access no guarantor loans, low credit score loans, fair credit loans, and Christmas loans. Fulfil your financial aspirations without waiting in a queue or submitting documents. You can call us anytime and anywhere in the UK whenever you need a fast loan approval.

  • Know how much to pay for a particular amount

    You can explore our loan calculator if you are unaware of how much you must pay to get the desired amount. It will give you a clear idea of how much you should borrow and how much will be the interest rate to pay. It also clarifies the easy monthly loan instalments, which is relatively easier to bring out from your income.

  • Loans meant for every financial purpose

    Everydayfunding means instant funding for big moments. Yes, we have not limited our personal loans to use for any genuine financial purpose. Be it a complete home renovation, flight ticket booking, wedding expenses or arrangements for upcoming Christmas. Our loans suit everyone’s loan requests.

  • Manage repayments easily

    Flexible repayments are for sure when you approach us for financial assistance. Since we are the followers of affordable lending, you have every chance to manage the loan instalments for 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. What does it mean? It means you can better manage your household budget alongside loan instalments.

Business loans are now funded in 1 Hour

In all kinds of financial challenges a small business faces, obtaining sufficient funding is vital for growth and market success. At Everydayfunding, we are quite familiar with the challenges that entrepreneurs confront. We offer flexible business funding solutions, which give your business the power to flourish.

We ensure business loans are on flexible terms and conditions so you can fulfil your business needs as soon as possible. We lend our financial support to your company and push your commercial success.

Our business loan solution includes features like:

  • Borrow the funds from £5000 to £500000 as a lump sum amount for a fixed term of up to 10 years;
  • Apply for business loans here with a minimum of £6000 as a turnover and with a minimum trading history;
  • Our loans match the requirements like working capital, purchasing stock, handling cash flow, buying equipment, and controlling financial emergencies.

There are competitive interest rates, as we understand their importance. However, you must also know the same and request only the affordable amount, which is repayable from your business returns.

Any other fees? No, not at all. Our loans are free from surprises, and everything will be transparent. There are no early repayment fees, and forget the upfront charges. We are flexible, and therefore, everything is feasible here.

Why ask Everydayfunding for guaranteed loans for the unemployed?

It is because, unlike traditional lenders, we will show you the right way to ascertain guaranteed loans for the unemployed. We do not have any hidden secrets. Our way of approach will define how you can make sure about approval.


We openly discuss our rates and fees. Just read through our loan agreement after accepting our proposal for loans for young people.


Time is precious for us also. We do not find it logical to overstretch the process unnecessarily. We keep our steps brief.

Seek support all the time

We perform all our lending tasks online. You can find us within your reach in case of any queries. Confront us at any time.

No shock of upfront fees

We are unlike lenders who charge a different rate after accepting your request. We always adhere to fair lending practices.


What are the basic requirements for loan approval?

To get loan approval, there are some general requirements which every lender considers for the loan applicants. At Everydayfunding, you do not need to go through multiple conditions, but a few ones like:

  • Credit score (we are open for every credit profile i.e. from excellent to poor)
  • Monthly income (our loans are applicable for employed, self-employed and unemployed)
  • Collateral (we are the specialist lender of both secured and unsecured loans)
  • Guarantor (you can apply for our loans with or without a guarantor)
What is the online loan process?

The online loan process is much more affordable and manageable than the traditional one. It means you can apply without submitting any papers, and the approval is there a lot quicker. Previously, loan applicants had to submit too many documents, but now significantly, online lenders have changed the trend.

In this process, you need to submit a loan application on the lender’s website. A one or two pages form will require some personal and loan details to submit. Once your lender receives the application, it starts working on it by sending an instant loan quote followed by a fast loan decision and same-day funding.

How can I get the loans from a direct lender?

Getting direct lender loans does not require too many steps to follow. Instead, there will be only a few steps, such as:

  • Decide the loan amount and term according to your affordability
  • Come to the lender’s website and open an online application form
  • Complete the form and submit it carefully
  • Wait for the loan quote and approve it after receiving
  • Get the loan decision straightway and receive your desired loan amount in your bank account
Which type of loan can we apply from a direct lender?

Direct lender loans have no limitations when it comes to solving the financial issues of borrowers. Instead, they apply to every funding problem, such as unemployment, poor credit score, emergency, education of kids, etc.

Overall, you may get loans from direct lenders like the following:

  • Unemployed loans
  • No guarantor loans
  • Loans for young people
  • Payday loans
  • Business loans
  • Student loans
What are the benefits of a direct lender loan?

Availing of loans from a direct lender includes the following benefits:

  • You can get the loans through a simple online process where no paperwork and legwork is needed.
  • Loans generally avoid strict obligations like pledging any asset as loan collateral or arranging a guarantor with a good credit score. You can apply without these arrangements too.
  • Perhaps, the most significant benefit of direct lender loans is the acceptability of loan applications irrespective of credit scores. They have special provision for loans for people with bad credit scores.
  • The interest rates of loans from a direct lender remain competitive most of the time. It means you get only affordable loans where managing the interest rates will be easy through your monthly income.
How much amount can I borrow?

The loan amount is determined by various factors, such as your affordability, monthly income, credit score and secured or unsecured. In general, Everydayfunding offers to borrow from £1000 to £50000. We suggest you finalise the loan amount according to your current financial needs and capacity. Do not ask for an amount which is beyond your affordability.

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