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12-month loans that guarantee flexibility and assurance

Your financial activities can face surprises anytime when you least expect them. You want financial support, whether it is a sudden medical emergency or an opportunity. That is where Everydayfunding comes in. Our 12-month loans are beneficial to cover all your immediate needs.

No wonder loans are tailored with simplicity as the significant factor. This makes the borrowing process smooth and stress-free. Our Loans are not just about funds. They are also about empowering you to manipulate your finances. By choosing us, you gain a reliable partner who will be by your side during the loan procedure. Yet, the financial help will provide relaxation by easily approving loans over 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

In this type of fund, you can use the funds per your needs and priorities. In general, we believe in making borrowing stress-free and accessible to everyone. Our user-friendly application procedure ensures you can apply for a loan in a few simple steps. We aim to provide you with a solution that works best without putting unnecessary tension on your finances.

What are 12-Month Loans?

A 12-month loan is a popular option for individuals who prefer to sort out urgent financial issues. As the name suggests, these advances provide money instantly and you can repay it over 1 year.

These are medium-term loans. The efficiency of these funding sources lies in their flexibility and convenience. They provide you with the time and breathing space to address financial needs.

It can be used for various purposes, covering surprising expenditures or significant purchases. It is likewise flawless for people who need financial help for longer-term projects.

What can I use the funds from a 12-month loan for?

You can effortlessly benefit from 12 month loans from direct lenders like us and use the fund for any reason. It is up to you what you necessitate to spend your funds. Usually, these loans can be utilised for various purposes. In most cases, these finances can be helpful in the following situations:

  • Debt consolidation:

    These advances can be idyllic for combining many debts into one loan. At the same time, this also simplifies repayments over one year. By the way, this will reduce the interest rates in total and saves you money and time.

  • Home renovation or improvements:

    Looking to get funds for revamps, repairs, or upgrades? It is better to avail of this loan to add to the value and comfort of your home. These credits come with more flexible terms and affordable interest rates than traditional funds.

  • Emergency expenses:

    When savings are insufficient, these same day loans are superlative to cover unpredicted costs, including medical bills or car repairs. This will help to cover all the unforeseen needs without breaking your savings. Of course, payday loans are there, but these loans bring more sustainability.

  • Education:

    With these funds, it is easy to finance tuition charges, books’ cost, and university fee. Even this will help to cover the cost of any courses to further your education or skill development. If you want a more precise funding option, you can look for our student loans for 12 months duration.

  • Special occasions:

    You can use these funds without draining savings for special occasions like weddings, vacations, or celebrations. Moreover, you can look for significant funding to celebrate your Christmas without financial hurdles. Monthly installments go for a year, which are quite affordable.

    There are no limitations on the fund usage, but you should borrow responsibly to end difficulties in the future. We help you to get the finest loans today that fit your financial needs.

Can I avail of loans over 12 months with a bad credit rating?

You have choices to get these finances even with bad credit, but your opinions are limited in this case. We have some comprehensive lending solutions for those facing surprising financial issues and are limited in options due to less-than-perfect credit.

With the increasing demands in mind, our financial products are designed to give immediate support. For instance, our 12-month bad credit loans can be ideal and a life-saving choice for those who have poor credit but wants on the spot cash to sort out instant needs like:

  • An emergency bill,
  • Home maintenance,
  • Improving credit scores,
  • Filling the funding gap during the larger purchase
  • Anything that requires instantaneous cash flow

We know the urgency and pressure behind every financial emergency, particularly when you have no savings or any other sources to help. In such a scenario, we are happy to provide a helping hand to the eligible customers. Suppose you experience any difficulties because of the lack of money and need to keep your financial condition back on track. Get our loans for bad credit with no guarantor and direct lender facilities like the most competitive interest rates in the market and manageable repayment options.

Before availing of our loans, you should understand your financial capacity. This should include what you can afford. Whatever your requirement, we offer the finest loans with fairness and utmost transparency. While processing 12 month loan applications for bad credit, we focus on personal judgment instead of automated decision-making. By the way, we treat our customers despite of low credit scores or history.

If you have struggled with credit in the past, that's okay. We have better options for you, which will be based on your current income and competence. For instance, our monthly loan for bad credit option lets you cover all your emergency needs without any stress and tension.

Are 12-month loans available for unemployed individuals?

Yes, unemployed loans for 12 month are obtainable from direct lenders like us. We understand that you can still repay a loan through whatever income you are generated. We consider various factors beyond employment status to assess your eligibility for the loan.

As a trustworthy online lending firm, we understand that life can be full of surprises, and sometimes you need financial support to make ends meet even with no job in hand. Due to this, we offer simple loans for 12 months that meet all your short-term needs, even if you are jobless.

When allowing loans for unemployed people, we may look at other sources of income you may have, such as:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Disability payments
  • Any other regular income you receive
  • Income of your spouse/partner if applying with a co-signer
  • Rental income

We want to ensure you have a reliable source for timely payments on monthly loans. These funds come with flexible terms and may not need collateral for approval. Due to the unique financial challenges the unemployed face, our team aims to provide a viable borrowing option. Our funds are tailored to your situation, so they are the most affordable among other lenders in the UK.

While it can be a helpful financial tool, it is crucial to borrow responsibly. Take what you can afford to repay and consider your financial situation. Based on this factor, ensure you have a solid plan to repay the 1-year loan on time.

If you have difficulties making the repayments, do not hesitate to reach us. By exploring our options, you can choose our best deals available. However, we also offer 12 month loans with no credit checks for those unemployed having credit score issues. This can be highly useful during hard times and support managing financial challenges.

Everydayfunding - Get instant 1 year loans

Are you in need of prompt cash? Everydayfunding is the perfect choice for 12-month loans. As direct lenders, we care about our customers and support them to get 12 month loans for bad credit with ease. There are many reasons why our platform stands out as the ideal option for those seeking a loan with the duration of a one-year repayment period.

  • Easy and quick application:

    We know time is precious, so we have designed a simple process. You can smoothly apply for the 12 month loan online from the comfort of your home. Your loan is just a few clicks away. It will take a short journey from filling up a one-page application form to the instant decision.

  • Fast approval:

    Our team understands that any financial need can be urgent, so we work hard to provide swift loan approvals. Our efficient review process ensures you to get 12-month loans with a same day payout. You can use the borrowed sum from day one for your financial ends.

  • Excellent customer support:

    Our customers are our priority. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch bad credit 12-month loans with the best customer service. Our experienced and friendly support team is always prepared to address queries or concerns.

Don’t waste your time trying other lengthy ways to get money. Try to get 12-month loans for bad credit from answerable direct lenders like our service. It is the right choice to obtain the money you need. When unexpected expenses pop up, you need some extra cash. In such a scenario, these loans lend a helping hand. Likewise, our expert team can provide complete support throughout the process.


What is the borrowing limit for a 12-month loan?

Generally, the loan amount ranges from £1000 to £10000. The specific loan amount offered to you will differ based on many factors, like income and credit policies. It is better to borrow only what you need, and this will let you avoid difficulties. Likewise, consider whether you can settle the loan within the agreed period. Always choose the 12-month payday loans from direct lenders that suit your capabilities to avoid pointless issues.

Are payday loan term extensions available beyond 12-months?

Yes, extending the loan term beyond 12 months may be possible. Yet, this depends on the loan policies and your circumstances. Extending the term also makes you pay some extra interest or fees. Consequently, before deciding on any deals, you must discuss this option. Likewise, consider the implications before deciding on payday loans over 12 months. Remember that not all lenders facilitate loan extensions, and explore this possibility early on if you need more time to settle the loan.

Do you offer 12-month loans to self-employed?

In general, we may consider self-employed applicants, but they may need extra documentation, like

  • Tax earnings
  • Bank reports

This help to assess their income and ability to repay the loan. Meeting the eligibility standards is essential. A constant revenue source and good credit history can ensure the probability of approval. It is healthier to pick 12-month loans from direct lenders only. Responsible lenders will let you acquire the best deals that fit your budget.

Are early repayments allowed for 12-month loans?

TYes, it is possible to repay one year loan early. Many lenders, including us, allow early repayment without penalties, which means you can pay off weekly payday loans before the full 12-month term. Doing so can save on interest costs and become debt-free sooner. Besides, checking with us about our early repayment policy is vital. Likewise, check any potential fees associated with paying off the loan prematurely.

Does the lender consider loan applications without a guarantor?

Yes, you can get a 12-month loan for bad credit from a direct lender, even with no guarantor. We now offer specialised loan options for persons with poor credit by analysing their revenue constancy. When evaluating your eligibility, they focus on factors outside your credit score, such as your salary and economic condition. Interest rates are also high due to the increased risk; securing a 12-month loan without a supporter is feasible. Approach reputable lenders like us, compare terms and understand all loan conditions before applying.

What are the profits of availing loans without a credit check?

In general, direct lenders offer 12-month loans with no credit check option, which provides rapid access to funds without the lender scrutinising the borrower's credit history. This means folks with no credit can also be eligible. This also allows borrowers to manage their finances better. One can make affordable monthly payments. Yet, it is vital to be cautious, as these loans come with different interest rates, so careful budgeting is crucial to avoid potential financial difficulties.

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