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Are you 17 plus? Get affordable and safe loans now!

While young, you may face financial obstacles like updating credit cards, repairing the car, and financing small educational needs. You have savings or your parents may fund your needs, but there is still a better alternative too. We provide loans for young people to those between 17 and 25 years. You can get £1000-£5000 repayable over 12-60 months with the freedom to choose your repayment tenure and reschedule if needed.

These are the short-term loans ideal for covering the small financial expenses. You do not need not to worry about the interest rates because we keep them competitive as much as we can. However, it would be best if you utilise these loans for small expenses and plans.

You can top-up these loans if the amount does not suffice. Get one if you reside in the UK and have stable income proof. You can provide an employment letter, scholarship, part-time income proof, etc., to get young people loans in the UK with us. You may qualify if you earn £400/month. Non-earning individuals can qualify with a co-signer on the funds.

At Everydayfunding, you are away from unnecessary paperwork and legwork. You need to sit online and just fill out one-page application form only. We have digitalised our lending procedure and as a result, you can feel assured with instant loan approval and same day funding.

Representative Example

Borrowing £2,500 over 24 months at Representative 49.9% APR and Interest rate 49.9% p.a. (fixed) with monthly repayments of £166.64 and a total amount payable of £3999.26. All our loans terms from 6 to 36 months.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to

What do loans for young people imply?

Loans for young people are specialised personal loans that young person use to apply. These individuals have started college and are pursuing graduate courses to upgrade their skills. During this, they need substantial funds to fulfil their financial needs too. It is where these loans come into the picture.

These unsecured loans are for individuals with no or limited credit history. It helps them to get a small sum to fund their instant requirements. You may qualify for loans for young people in the UK if the income suffices the money requirement.

Jobless or studying individuals can also apply. These are also known as loans for the unemployed because most lack income at a tender age. We do not mandate or rely solely on credit scores. Instead, we analyse your circumstances, income capabilities, and purpose to offer an affordable amount.

You get the young person loan immediately by choosing the apt amount up to £5000 and repayment structure. The interest rates on the loans are competitive. If you manage your loan well or pre-pay the amount, you may cut the impact of interest rates, as we allow prepayment on these loans.

You can use these loans for any small purpose or a financial emergency. We have made applications available online with no documentation to follow.

loans for young people imply

What purposes can you use a young person loan for?

There are multiple uses of the loan for 18 and above. We receive applications stating the smallest to most exciting needs. Desires or needs may vary, but you should know that we are quite determined to offer only affordable options. Therefore, it is crucial to analyse your current financial scenario and affordability.

Here are some purposes you can use the loan:

  • Clearing credit card debts

    You are young, and you must be fond of shopping. You do not hesitate to use your credit card while shopping without worrying about its bill. Whether you are 18 or 21, you must have a long series of pending credit card debts. You can use the loan to pay these off and clear your debt. Paying your credit card debts in full help you improve your credit score.

  • Fund your start-up’s needs

    Most individuals in the UK apply for loans for 17 years old to meet the start-up requirements. These funds can help if you are self-employed or considering starting your start-up on a good note. You can use it for initial operational set-up, funding equipment purchase, and marketing your business idea. Remember, you must have something to repay the loan.

  • Repairing the car or pay the car rental

    If you have a car of your own and lack a way to finance its immediate repairs, the young person loan can help. You can use a part and bridge the rest with your part-time income or full-time salary. If unemployed, you can leverage it with a scholarship or a sponsored benefit you have. We provide multiple scopes to qualify with bad credit and no relevant income base.

How do you benefit from loans for young people?

Situations like medical emergencies call for immediate cash. You lack time to contact your friends or get help from neighbours. We provide smooth and quick loans for young person. You get the money within 10 minutes to your account. Here are other benefits you get with these loans:

  • Pay for expenses without draining savings

    Expenses like- car break repairs, credit card crashes, and last-minute educational trip plans cannot wait. What if your savings do not suffice? Here, guaranteed backup like these quick loans emerges as a saviour. You do not need to disturb your savings for these small expenses. Rather, utilise the borrowed sum and pay it back conveniently every month.

  • Consolidate debts without a credit check

    These are loans for people who want no credit check facility. Your credit score remains the same after application screening. If you have ample debts like payday loans, credit card debts, and pending bills, you can consolidate them all using the loan. It boosts your credit quickly.

  • Plan repayments with predictable payment schedules

    If you are someone taking first-time loans with no credit history, a fixed interest and repayment amount is a blessing. You always know the amount to pay on the due date. It is more predictable and economical than a credit card as you can save a fixed amount from your income to pay comfortably. If you miss a payment or two, switch to a better plan by contacting us immediately.

  • International students can benefit from instant cash

    If you are an international student studying at a UK-based university, you can benefit from instant loans. We offer loans for a student living here on a relevant study visa. You can fetch better rates if you have a credit history/ stable finance/ and a job. Even if you lack these aspects, we are flexible enough to give you funds to make any arrangement.

How to prepare before applying for loans for 18 years old?

We provide seamless and hassle-free loans for those under 18. If it is your first time, you must prepare yourself. We have simplified things to ensure loan approval on the very first attempt. Our easy loan deals are there, but it does not mean that you do not need to do anything.

Preparing for loans is vital. Therefore, we have explained some crucial points for you as a responsible lender. Check here:

  • Analyse your requirements

    It is critical to know whether you will get the loan or not. You can use the loan calculator to know the total costs you would pay. We provide you with a loan calculator to calculate interest rates, APR, and total repayments as per the loan amount and term. You can shift the scale as per your needs and borrow right.

  • b) Analyse the eligibility criteria deeply

    We have simple criteria for you to qualify with ease. Yes, we provide loans for those under 21, but you can apply if you are aged between 21 and 25.

Eligibility criteria
Loans for 18 years old Can provide part-time income proof, credit report, and a guarantor if you lack income
Loans for 17 years old individuals Provide a part-time income proof. If you lack it, apply with a guarantor or co-sign the loan.
Loans for individuals aged 19-25 Provide a part-time/full-time income proof, self-employed assessment or invoices, credit history with stable finances

You get the loan if you meet the criteria as per age.

  • Additional and unnecessary loan costs

    If you are applying for the first time, you must check the costs associated with the loan. With us, you can avoid unnecessary charges like- prepayment loan fees or hidden costs. By paying the loan early, you can save money on interest costs.

    Before applying, analyse costs like loan fees, loan establishment costs, APR, and interest rates.

18-years-old with no credit history

How to get loans for 18-years-old with no credit history?

If you are 18 and need funds for immediate expenses, you can count on us for affordable loans for 18 years old with no credit history. We bank upon other alternatives like income and a guarantor (if you lack income) to provide you with a loan.

You can also opt for loans if you are a budding entrepreneur for funds. For this, you must hold a visionary business plan and should be a UK-based business. If your finances are sound with legal business registration, you may get small business loans as an 18-year-old.

If you have just graduated or are in the first year of post-graduation, you may need external funds urgently. Whether you need to buy up books or looking for a rental, we provide loans for 19 years old on low credit history and unmanaged finances.

Our procedure is a bit more lenient for undergraduates than for loans for 20 years old. If you are a previous customer, you do not need to log in again and complete the application form. You are done here! Get cash quickly for your needs.

Here is how to get loans for young people:

  • Pay off some previous loans

    By paying off your loans, you can ensure a reliable profile. It would also reduce your liabilities. With an improved credit score, you may qualify for loans for those under 21.

  • Apply for a lower amount

    Applying for a lower amount may lead to immediate approval. For example, if you need £500 on bad credit, borrowing £350 may help you qualify easily.

  • Get a guarantor/co-signer on the loan

    If you have someone to co-sign the loan, you may get one. It is ideal for the employed individual needing a bit of credit assistance. You can also get a guarantor if you lack income or need more amount than what you qualify for.

We also provide no guarantor loans to individuals with stable credit history and income in the UK. If you are 19-21, you can get one with these eligibilities.

Why choose Everydayfunding for first-time loans?

We understand youngsters lack time and need cash immediately. It is especially true for individuals applying for loans for 17-year-olds in the UK marketplace. Skip the long information filing and any detailed credit checks. You will receive the desired amount in your account within 15 minutes of applying.

Application Procedure for Young Personal Loan
Step 1 Click apply and mention the amount you want to borrow
Step 2

Provide personal details:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Contact number
  • Postal code
Step 3 Read the terms carefully and apply
Step 4 We will analyse your application and ask for income and ID proof (driving license/ ID card/)
Step 5 Get cash in your account swiftly after approval

We keep the best interests of our customers at the centre of providing loans for 17-year-olds in the UK. Whether you are new to the loan or an experienced one, we help you with personalised suggestions and advice.

If you are a first-time loan applicant, here is why “us”:

  • Easy to apply for loans
  • Amicable suggestions to manage repayments well
  • 24/7 available and apply on holidays
  • Get loans on the most lenient terms and interest
  • Flexibility to pay interest costs after graduation
  • 2 interest-free repayment holidays
approved loans for young guys

Are you going to apply for first-time loans, or have you already applied? It is of no relevance because we help you in every possible way.


Here are some general queries that our customers share. These may help you get clarity about the loans.

How to get guaranteed approval on your first loan?

Here are some ways that an 18+ can get guaranteed approval on their loan:

  • Reveal that you can save. Sufficient savings proof can help you get the loan.
  • Get your name on the electoral roll
  • Provide a letter of employment or job appointment letter
  • Correct mistakes on your credit report
  • Opt for a lower amount if you have no credit history
What kind of loans are available for young people?

As you are 18+, you may be eligible for a few loans. These are:

  • Payday loans: These small loans are ideal for emergencies and with no worry of how to repay, as you can do it on your next payday.
  • No guarantor loans: Youngsters do not need to hire someone to be their guarantor, as they can opt for our loans without a guarantor.
  • Business loans: You may be young, but if you have proper planning and vision to start your venture, we will help you by funding you.
  • Student loans: If you want to continue your postgraduate or doctorate studies, you can manage the costs with our tailor-made loans.
Will my credit score increase if I take out a loan?

Well, that entirely depends on how well you manage the repayments. You must identify the need before applying. Do not apply until you have no option to bridge the cash need.

While applying, borrow only the amount that you can repay comfortably. Calculate interest rates and other costs (if any) to borrow right. If you make disciplined payments as per the loan schedule, credit improves. On the contrary, if you miss a few payments or default, your credit score drops.

What is the least age to apply for loans for young people?

At Everydayfunding, individuals aged 17 can apply for loans for young people. However, you may be restricted to only emergency loans. To get loans like student loans, car loans, or mortgage loans, you can get it with a guarantor to qualify.

Individuals aged 21 and above can qualify for personal loans like- payday loans, unsecured business loans, and unemployed loans, revealing the best affordability parameters in the form of regular income.

What could be the reasons for a loan for young people’s rejection?

We analyse a few parameters while screening the loan application of 18+. We understand that you may have urgent requirements and ensure lenient application screening. We look for the parameters like credit score, payment history, and income. The below aspects that may lead to loan rejection:

  • Difficulty in authenticating income source
  • The credentials of the guarantor do not suffice the eligibility
  • Delinquencies on the credit report
  • Absence of the name from the electoral roll
  • Spelling mistakes or false information on the application form
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